When it comes to ideas for social media content creation, many people find themselves stuck. They wonder how to create social media content or even what type of social media content they should be using.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer for these questions. But hopefully when this post is over you will feel confident creating social media for 2020.

What is Social Media Content?

First, what is social media content? That is simple, it is the content that you create or curate for your social media platforms. It could be the images you create in Canva for Instagram or a blog post you curate from your favorite blogger for your Facebook page, or even an article you create for LinkedIn. These are all types of content for your social media.

How To Create Social Media Content?

Social media content doesn’t need to be hard. There are many, many tools out there to help in the creation of your small business social media content. This article from ClearVoice dives deeply into The Top 30 Content Creation Tools for Freelancers and Marketers.

One of my favorite graphic creation tools is Canva. You can quickly create graphics with quotes, words and images with cool designs to put on any of your social media platforms. Plus they have a great mobile version so you can create graphics on the fly.

Of course there are other graphic creation programs out there and a quick Google search will give you many, many options.

The Social Media Content Mystery?

First, you need to do a little detective work. Take a look at your competition and see what type of things do well on their social media platforms. DON’T copy them. Use this information in helping you create content for your audience.

You MUST know who your target audience is when you create content. If your audience is one demographic but you create content for another demographic you are wasting your time.

Look through your previous social media posts and see what did well. See what didn’t do so well. Use this to help you create content that your audience loves.

Imagine that you are putting a magazine together for your audience. What type of content would they want to see in that magazine. Probably some informational content, some tips and tricks, promotions, the list goes on and on.

What Type of Content?

Content for social media can vary. There are images, quotes, videos, blog posts, news articles and much more.

When creating videos remember to use captions in the videos, not everyone is going to be able to watch your video with sound. Using captions ensures that those who can’t listen to what you are saying will be able to get the message you are putting out.

Images should be on brand. This could mean that they have all your brand coloring in them or it can simply be a consistent filter that you use on all images.

Blog posts and news articles are great! You can post your own blogs as content or you can post blogs from your favorite blogger. Always make sure that you properly credit any sources that you use that aren’t your own.

Is It Working?

Don’t simply post your content and hope that it works. You need to constantly be analyzing it and watching it. If you see content that does really well with your audience make a note of that. If there is content that your audience doesn’t like, be sure to make a note of that too.

There are many analytics tools out there to help you determine if your social media platforms are reaching the goals you have set. Most of the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more have their own analytics that can get you started.

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