Creating content just got easier…

Not all businesses can outsource their social media marketing to someone and take the stress of creating content off their plates. 

If you are one of those businesses, this tip is for you! 

We all know that creating content takes time. As a business owner you are trying to run a business, market a business and be present in your life. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 

In this video, I show you just how easy it is to create content for multiple platforms all at once with Canva’s new quick create feature. 

Watch the video for the full tutorial or check out the steps below. 

Go to your Canva dashboard. If you don’t have one you can sign up for a free account at 

You will see an option for creating different types of content. (What will you design?) Choose social media. 

1. Locate the quick create icon under popular and click. 

2. Choose the platforms you want to create content for. 

3. Enter text

4. Choose images and logos (if applicable)

5. Choose a template

6. Choose colors and font. 

7. Create posts. You will have the option to edit the posts if you need to. 

It is as easy as that! 

Let me know in the comments if you want a full Canva tutorial on all the cool features Canva has. 

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