Hashtags seem to be the source of a LOT of confusion for people.



Specifically on Instagram! But lets go back a minute to a time before Instagram.



History of Hashtags
Hashtags started in their present form on Twitter in 2007. You might be saying, thanks for the history lesson but what does that have to do with today!



It does and here is why. If we think about how hashtags have been used on Twitter it is very similar to how they are used on other platforms. Instagram, LinkedIn, even Facebook(to a MUCH lesser extent). All these platforms use hashtags so you can JOIN a conversation and it helps other people find you.



Hashtags are like little dots on a map. Imagine a map with #businesstips#socialmedia#travellife all on there and you want to be a part of those conversations so you go to those places to share your information and talk with others interested in those things. SO SIMPLE!



Simply put they help connect content.



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