Having a social media presence is important for your business. I can almost hear the grumbles and objections coming from you, but seriously….you need social media in your business.

Let me drop some facts for you. The global population is currently at about 7.6 billion people in it and of that 7.6 billion, you will find 3.4 billion to be social media users! This means that if you are shying away from social media you are losing out on a lot of potential business.

Of course, you won’t be getting all those 3.4 billion social media users rushing your business! But, consider if you could even get a small percentage of that number converted into actual customers! You wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

Besides, the billions of active users there are other benefits to having your business on social media. I will start with the one that I feel is the BEST reason.


1. You Get to CONNECT with Your Customers!

If you are familiar with my business, I am all about creating a connection with customers. Think about it, doesn’t it feel nice when a business cares about you? When they do a little bit extra to let you know you are appreciated?

Social media lets you do this! You can interact with your current customers and let potential customers know a bit about your brand, your business and help them to feel that connection.

2. Traditional Marketing Can Be Expensive!

Don’t get me wrong, social media marketing can be expensive too. But the wonderful thing about social media is that anyone can start a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest account to start their social media marketing journey! Plus it is FREE to start! You can spend a weekend and have your social media set up and be ready to do business on Monday.

P.S don’t forget I have a course to help you get set up! Instagram & Facebook Business Page Set-Up Training

Remember, content and strategy will be KEY to your success in social media! Don’t worry I will talk more about this in another blog!


3.  Increase Website Traffic

Social media is a GREAT way to drive traffic to your website! If your business is on social media, you best believe people are peeking at your website, so make sure it optimized for them! Using social media you will build up your brand, your business and your image! This will ideally make those potential customers take notice and take a trip to your website to buy ALL the things.

They will arrive at your website either by posts you have created that make them want to know more, this is your organic content. (FREE YAY!) They will also visit your website from paid posts or your nonorganic content for example, ads.

No matter which method you choose, social media helped you get them there.

4. Lead Generating

In addition, to all the other great ways social media can help your business, we have lead generating. Each time you see a customer interacting with your content or talking about your business to a friend on their social media, you are generating leads! You know what leads mean?!?! Potential customers!

5. Social Listening

Have you noticed companies tend to respond quicker to customers who complain on social media? Why is that!? Well, they are doing something called social listening. They hear the customer complaint and are trying to make it right, because an unhappy customer on social media can spread quickly and damage a brand.

On the flipside you can also listen and see what your customers are saying about your business in a good way! Are they really liking your new summer clothing line, did they love the new book you just put out. You can get that insight from there and use it to help you develop your business ideas further.

Are You Convinced?

Have I made my case as to why social media is important to your business? I really hope so! As a social media manager and marketer, I already know the value of being active on social media. I hope that you will see that value too.

If you are looking for guidance when it comes to social media, join my FREE Facebook group. The Social Media Society!

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As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

Stephanie Mead