Five Places to Run Ads Online!

So many things are up in the air these days! You do not want your online ads to be one of them.

That is why I advise my clients to consider using multiple platforms to advertise their business. I want to encourage you to do the same. You should also have multiple methods to reach your customers outside of Facebook as well, but that is a conversation for another blog post. 

Facebook has been a favorite platform of major corporations and small businesses running ads, for many years. After all, Facebook has a huge user base with just about 2.7 billion monthly users according to Statista.  That is a lot of potential eyes to see your business! 

Several years ago, Facebook ads were simple to run and businesses saw a good ROI. As Facebook Ads grew in popularity things changed. With more and more people using Facebook ads, the cost started to rise and other issues started to affect the performance of Facebook ads. 

Facebook is still a great place to put ads for your business! However, this post is not about that. Today we are going to talk about other places you can run ads for your business. 


Pinterest is no longer just for pinning your favorite quotes, recipes you’ll never cook, and dream homes in the mountains! It is a busy hub for small businesses! According to Sprout Social, Pinterest reports about 320 million monthly users. Though not as large as Facebook, there are many reasons to get your business onto Pinterest for both organic and paid use. 

If you didn’t know, content stays on Pinterest much longer than Facebook or Instagram. On Pinterest, your ads can be seen months after the ad has stopped. You’re probably wondering why! Well, if someone saves your Pin from the ad campaign it can live on long after the campaign ends- pretty cool! 

Your ad spend budget could potentially go further on Pinterest! With less people using Pinterest ads the cost to use them is generally lower than Facebook ads with better results. Interest in Pinterest advertising is rising so you may want to get in while the costs are good! 

Please know that just like every other platform out there, Pinterest does require a strategy. Whether you are simply using it organically or using paid campaigns you MUST HAVE A STRATEGY! 


YouTube is for more than makeup and unboxing toys! Many people are flocking to YouTube because it has become a place where people seek answers. YouTube sees almost 3 billion searches a month! With 500 hours of video uploaded every minute! That makes it one of the most popular search engines out there. People are there looking for answers, entertainment and more!

This makes YouTube a great place for you to be running ads. I won’t dive into the different types of YouTube ads here, that is a story for another time. But I will say if you are looking for an alternative to Facebook ads, then you should head on over to YouTube. 


There was a time when LinkedIn was just a place to put your resume online. But it has grown into so much more!

LinkedIn is a very popular networking tool! Think of the good old days of Facebook, well that is what LinkedIn is. The content you post here is a little different, you will not likely find many cat memes here. It is still a GREAT place for you to run ads for your business.

LinkedIn is filled with all kinds of delightful analytics and insights to help your business see who is interacting with you on LinkedIn.

If you are looking to get your business seen by professionals and other businesses then you need to get started on LinkedIn Ads today! 


According to a Pew Research survey, 46% of American users visit Snapchat several times a day! That means that it is right up there with Facebook and Instagram in terms of having users frequently visit the platform. They get about 200 million users a day which isn’t too shabby when your business is looking for people to market to.

Just like the other mentioned platforms, Snapchat has a variety of different types of ads. Keep in mind the nature of Snapchat though. People are creating organic content on the platform, plus the age demographic is much lower than other platforms. So if you are trying to sell retirement living solutions, it might not be your best bet. 


Recently, Hulu announced that they will be allowing people to create their own ads. This is really cool if you think about how many people use Hulu. This is still pretty new and there is a lot to learn but it could be an excellent option for businesses. Keep in mind you will need to have a budget of at least $500 to run a campaign. So if you are already spending that on Facebook it may be worth trying.

Hopefully, this gave you some insight into the other places you can market your business besides Facebook. I would like to do a quick little shout out to Google and Bing which are search engines you can also market your business. They take a little more work and understanding but can be great places for small business as well.


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Stephanie Mead