Social media marketing that sets you apart…

Social Media can be used to elevate your brand’s visibility, engage your target audience, and create a deep connection with your community.

With strategic messaging and content across channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, you can build a strong presence and a fan base that creates leads, referrals, and business growth! 

Stephanie Mead Creative Digital Marketing

Social Media with Your Audience in mind!


    Social media has been an absolute game changer for brands that want to reach audiences quickly and effectively.

    Before social media in order to build your business and brand, you had to do a lot of leg work.

    Networking at in-person events, radio, tv ads, hosting seminars, and live events!

    Not to say those aren’t still great ways to build your brand but we get something extra special by adding social media to the mix.

    We get to create an almost constant connection with our fans.

    Instead of them waiting months or even years at a time for an in-person chance to see you they now get the chance to interact with you every day!

    With strategic use of social media, your brand gets to curate a user experience that keeps people coming back for more.

    Social media marketing: How does it work?


      Working with SMC for your social media marketing needs looks different for every brand. 

      Because each brand is unique and we love that! 

      Each of my clients gets a customized strategy and content that is created based on their brand needs. 

      You’re not going to have the same templated content as every other person in your industry..

      How are you supposed to stand out if you’re using the same content….(you won’t)

      Types of Social Media Services


        When we work together you might just need help with one platform or you might need an entire social media ecosystem.

        Either way, I’ve got you!


        • Social Media Strategy – The how and long-term vision of what you’re doing.
        • Social Media Plan – The what you’re going to do in the short-term to reach long-term goals.
        • Social Media Management – Management of platforms this includes content creation and strategy.
        • Social Media Ads – Paid social media helps boost what you’re doing organically.

        What is the cost?


          Pricing varies for these services and is customized to your exact business needs. 

          Strategy – starts at $1200

          Plan – starts at $500

          Management – starts at $1500

          Ads – starts at $2000

          With our proven Simple As ABC™ strategy we have helped clients reach millions of people through organic social media marketing.

          In addition to high-level reach, our clients consistently see quality audience growth and leads.