Say No to Fake Followers


Let’s say you just peeped your competitors Instagram and saw that somehow, they have gained 5,000 new followers over night!

Next thing you know curiosity has the best of you, and you start Googling Fake Followers on Instagram. The first promises free followers on Instagram. Thinking about it and deciding you have nothing to lose you decide to take this offer. Suddenly, you have 5,000 shiny new followers!

This sounds wonderful, right? Sadly, gaining followers with this method could just have been a big mistake for you and your social media. Soon enough, your deep, dark fake follower secret won’t be a secret much longer.

Eventually, people will find out that you faked followers.


Data Doesn’t Lie but Fake Followers Do


Data doesn’t lie my friend. If you have 5,000 new followers and you are still only getting 25 likes per post there is a problem. Either you have extremely terrible content (unlikely) or you have yourself some fake followers.

Don’t try to fool me and decide to use an Instagram pod for likes on your content either! If one day you have 25 likes and the next two days you have 450 likes and then after that you are back to 25 likes….you aren’t fooling anyone! (But this is a story for another blog post)

I bet right now you are saying, well who cares if people know I bought followers.

Planning on becoming an influencer? Well, companies have ways of measuring your engagement before signing you up. If your engagement is poor and you have high numbers all signs point to fake followers. A company isn’t going to invest in your if your followers aren’t real. Fake followers don’t buy product!

Even if you don’t have dreams of being an influencer. Fake followers can still be a problem for your business.

Are you hoping to get product sales?  Those fake followers are not buying. Trust me.

They aren’t going to engage with your account; no likes and no comments. This means you aren’t going to be seeing those great numbers that make the algorithm happy you are being social.

Let’s be honest, you are trying to build that “know, like, trust factor” so you can sell products or services. Don’t risk your reputation on some fake followers that aren’t going to do anything but look pretty under your follower count.

Oh, but that isn’t all that can happen if you buy fake followers!

Say No to Fake Followers

Why fake followers aren’t good for your account.

8 Reasons You Don’t Want Fake Followers


According to Influencer Marketing Hub here are 8 more reasons you don’t want fake followers.

  • Fake Instagram Followers Don’t Engage With Your Account
    You Have Mismatched Engagement Compared to Genuine Accounts
  • You Might End up with Inappropriate Bot Comments on Posts
  • Bought Followers Bring Spam with Them
    Instagram Recognizes and Purges Fake Followers
  • Buying Fake Followers is Against Instagram’s Terms of Service
  • Having Fake Followers Destroys Your Credibility as an Influencer
  • You Won’t Earn Money Using Fake Followers

Are you convinced yet? Fake followers are NOT worth it.


Create Authentic, Audience Centered Experiences


Authentic Social Media

Authentic Social Media


I am an advocate of creating authentic social media marketing experiences. You will have more success if you carefully curate your followers. It will take time to grow, but you will be growing and engaging with people who will genuinely be interested in your product or service.

Be sure to be social, be genuine and have a good time with social media. In the next blog we will talk about some ways to curate those followers. Through the use of hashtags, locations tags and genuine interactions.

As always, if you need any help with your social media or any other digital marketing please let me know.