Facebook & Instagram May Content Planning

May Content Planning

Plan your May content for social media.

Today we are going to talk May content planning!

If you are reading this you likely have not planned out your content for May. But you know what that is okay. I am here to help!

Let’s dive right in! When it comes to content many people over think it. Should you have a content strategy? Yes absolutely, should it cause you ulcers thinking about it? No Way!

You want to know the secret to making content easy? Know who your ideal client is. If you aren’t sure check out my post Ideal Client this will help you get started. Once you figure this out it is easy to create content because you know WHO you are creating it for.

May the Forth Be With You!

May is full of some pretty great holidays that you can center some of your social media posts around. For example, May 4th! Which happens to be Star Wars Day! So many fun images you can come up with for this day, why not have a contest with your followers and see who can come up with the BEST Star Wars themed outfit.

May Holidays for social media.

Here is a list of other days to celebrate in May:
  • May Day – May 1
  • May the Forth – May 4
  • Cinco de Mayo –  May 5
  • Mother’s Day – May 12
  • Memorial Day – May 27

This list is not all inclusive so if you want a full list of May holiday’s to celebrate you should hit up our best buddy Google.

May Content Ideas

Not only should you consider holidays when planning content, you should consider the time of year!

Right now there are some big topics you can discuss for the month of May! It is spring time after all so why not show off some pictures of that lovely spring weather we all enjoy so much.

Topics for Social Media in May.

Here are some ideas to consider for May topics:
  • Spring Pictures
  • Fun Sunny Day
  • Switch to spring colors and fonts
  • Share your favorite spring activity
  • Talk about summer plans
  • Spring sports
  • Discuss kids getting out of school for the summer

Again, these are just examples. When it comes to content really think about your audience and the things they want to see and what they will interact with.

Don’t forget to throw in a few promo/sales posts for your business, service or latest products. However, be careful of not going to deep into selling. We want our customers and clients to know we have a business and think about us when they need what we have.

But we don’t want them to feel like all we are doing is shoving our business in their face.

Remember create those customer connections!

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