Is Your Marketing Message Really Important?

Before we dive into why your marketing message is so important let’s think about some major brands out there and their marketing messages. Brands like Nike, Columbia, and Subaru. 

Whether or not you are a customer of these brands you have still likely heard of them. These brands all have one thing in common…okay they have more than that,  but only one of which we are talking about today. 

They have powerful marketing messages. Messages that have been crafted so carefully that they resonate with their audience and people who have never bought a single item from them can tell you about the brand. 

Now that is power in messaging! 

You are probably thinking, yeah “well they have had years and billions of dollars to spend on crafting that message!” 

Here is the thing, each of those businesses started from the ground and build themselves into the powerhouses they are today. Each of these businesses knew that in order to be successful they would need a product people wanted and strong brand loyalty that comes from strong messaging that doesn’t just reach the audience it draws them in and keeps them coming back for more. 

Marketing For All Budget Sizes

The wonderful thing about marketing today is you don’t need a huge budget to start putting out messaging that resonates with people and draws them into your business. You could literally have an audience of three people and create a message that resonates. 

And something amazing happens, that messages start being shared because those three people want to share with friends, and their friends become interested in your business, and pretty soon you have created an audience of adoring fans all because of your messaging. 

The marketing message is how your business communicates with customers, but it isn’t only in the words you write! It is in the emotions and feelings you evoke from your audience. 

Your marketing message should be consistent across all your marketing platforms; social media, email, website, and ads. This way your audience knows exactly what they are getting from you no matter where they connect with you. 

If your marketing message doesn’t connect with your audience it can be disastrous for your business. With a weak marketing message, you could be looking at lost potential customers which means lost potential income. Nobody wants to see that! 

We’ve explored some companies that are very tuned in to their audiences and generally leave their audience with a positive message. 

Now let’s think about some companies you remember because they had terrible marketing. Maybe it was one of those late-night commercials that scream so loud your neighbors can hear it. Or perhaps it was a company that just didn’t know its audience and because of that, its message was way off the mark. 

You don’t want people to remember your business because the marketing was bad or worse you don’t want your business to fade into the background never to be seen again by your audience because your marketing didn’t create that audience connection that is key in business these days. 

The biggest tools you have in figuring out your messaging are data and listening. Market research of your ideal audience (not random people who would not be interested in your business) will give you a solid place to start. 

If you already have active social media platforms that are a perfect place to work on and craft your messaging and collect data that shows you what is working and what isn’t. 

Marketing messaging and audiences should be at the top of your list when it comes to mastering marketing. 

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