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Everyone around you is talking about their successful $100,000 month or their $50,000 day or their $500,000 launch. 

You’re pumped! You’re told over and over again just how easy this is! If you do these things you to can enjoy $100,000 months!

You start the podcast, the blog, the email sequences, and expensive ads.

But you don’t hit that $100,000 month or come close to that $50,000 day. You are left feeling cheated, and defeated, and wonder if you’re even worthy of that kind of success. 

Sound familiar?

The truth is, you’re worthy and you’re not alone.

Many business owners, like you, feel this way about their business because of a promise.

The promise of increased leads and a boost in sales through an old generic marketing framework. 

One that draws you in with the you-can-be-a-millionaire glow. And promises those millions with sleazy tactics or spaghetti-on-the-wall marketing.

This framework may have worked for you before…but now, it’s keeping you stuck…

Marketing this way is leading you to…

❌Lack of growth and shallow connections 

❌Create mistrust in potential customers who feel sidelined when you DM them with old-school pitching techniques. 

❌Roll out content everywhere and anywhere, feeling deflated, and yearning for a social detox

Ooof…there’s nothing radiant, healthy, or fulfilling about that!

So, let’s get you out of the cycle and into a healthier one with a marketing strategy that

✔️Magnetizes your people through the right messaging, content, and right offers

✔️Sells your products for you

✔️Frees up your time to focus on what matters…your family, clients, and business growth

Imagine what it would do for your growth and sales…if you glowed confidently (like a trusted expert does)…instead of sleazy and twitchy?

I bet you would stop chasing that glow. And, instead, you would become a beacon for your people.

Are you ready to stop chasing and start magnetizing the right people to uplevel your business?

Then you are ready for a long-term strategy that will take you to the next level and will help you…

✔️Define your profitable marketing roadmap

✔️Step into your confidence

✔️Attract people who LOVE your business and tell their friends (for easy sales)

Inside my Marketing Magnetism™ signature strategy program you will do just that.

Now, if you’re thinking that you don’t need another marketing strategy…and you need Ads to scale…I’m going to stop you right there.

Because you deserve better!


You deserve to craft the right messaging, content, and offers that help your business scale!

It’s the reason why I’m inviting you to create a long-term strategy that establishes awareness for your business and builds authority…so you can be recognized as a trusted expert in your industry.

Through Marketing Magnetism™ you will embark on a 6-month journey where we will examine your marketing ecosystem. 

So you can connect more efficiently with customers and provide them with an experience like no other. 

Best of all…they will be raving so much to their friends…sales calls will be a breeze.

Here’s how Marketing Magnetism™ will get you there…


First things first, we break out our magnifying glass and go over your current offer ecosystem with a fine-toothed comb.

This is the discovery phase, taking a look at your marketing, landing pages, website, email sequences, social media, and overall client journey to get an idea of what is working and what isn’t.

We may have to do a complete rehaul of your marketing or we may just need to make changes here and there. Once this is complete we move into the process phase.

The process phase is where we start putting together the pieces of your new marketing strategy. We make sure we are talking to the right people, creating the right offers, and getting the right message out to your people. After we have all the processes in place we move into the action phase.

The action phase is where everything goes live! It’s where we start to see things working and also make adjustments to things that need it.

Your Investment In Your Business.

You might be thinking…that’s a big commitment!

How do I know you’ll deliver on this promise?

I hear you…there are so many marketers who promise the millionaire-glow with tired tactics…

I believe in helping heart-centered business owners build AND achieve their dreams. We’re in this together! 

Am on a mission to show you that you can love your business and it can be the business you’ve always dreamed of. 

And have obtained a Master’s Degree from Arizona State in Digital Audience Strategy to keep you innovative and customize a message and strategy that will help you stand out from the noise.

So you can level up your business in a way that allows you to live your life, grow your business, and fulfill the impact you dreamed of the minute you opened up your business.


Still Not Sure This Is For You?

Here’s what business owners like you have said about working with me.

It was always one of my goals to have a $100,000 launch. That was my “I made it” goal. With your help and strategy, I was able to achieve that goal. I feel like the possibilities are endless. Thank you! Dr. S

Dr. S

Mental Health Professional

Your strategy was so helpful to my team. I finally feel like we are moving forward with a common goal. We have a plan in place and know how to put that plan to work.  Grace B

Grace B

Wellness Coach

Level Up! 

Ready to uplevel your business with the long-term strategy that provides you with the right messaging, content, and offers that…

✔️Attract people who LOVE, invest in, and promote your services.

✔️Up-level your business.

✔️Make sales a breeze so you always work with the right clients.

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