Losing Instagram Followers

Did you wake up and see a sudden drop in your Instagram followers? Maybe you watched as your account was losing Instagram followers fast. What I saw among groups and people who use Instagram regularly was chaos and confusion!

This isn’t the typical gain a few followers and lose a few followers that we normally see with Instagram. Some accounts were reporting they lost at least 1500 followers! Yikes!

Of course losing followers on Instagram, especially in these huge numbers can be scary! Even more so if you have clients that want an explanation for this sudden loss. Everything is going to be alright!


Losing Instagram Followers

Losing Instagram Followers

Back in November 2018 word on the street was Instagram was going to start taking back their platform and making it more social. This meant cleaning out fake accounts and accounts that used to much automation.

Remember in my previous blog, when I talked about fake followers? This sudden loss of followers ties into that idea.

I can hear you saying, BUT STEPHANIE I DIDN’T BUY FOLLOWERS!!!! I hear you!!

When you were on Instagram doing your thing, it was likely that some of the followers you gained on your account were fake.

At the very least they were accounts that were overly automated and ran using some kind of bot. These are the accounts Instagram is working on removing. Unfortunately, that means you may see a decrease in followers.

But like I said DON’T panic! What you will start noticing is your engagement is going to increase. If you are tracking your impressions and reach you might see some of these numbers increase.

On my personal Instagram account, I have been losing a few followers here and there but overall my impressions have increased. Like I said good news, you work so hard on that content you want REAL people to see it.

So I know it might be upsetting to look at that number and see a drastic decrease, but don’t sweat it. We don’t base our worth on the number of followers we have anyway! But know that it wasn’t you it was Instagram.

How to Bounce Back?

In light of this recent Instagram purge, you now have a chance to make some authentic connections.

Find some accounts that you connect with and leave them some comments, likes and if you really love their content give them a follow. There is NO award for having 10 millions followers and following 1.

Instagram is about being social, so if you like someone’s content follow them. You may even gain a follow back in return for the kindness.

At the very least go out and comment. And PLEASE don’t only use emoji’s put some words in there. We are all scared from bots that over used emoji’s and gave a big laughing smile to at a photo that wasn’t funny.

Go do the Instagram mingle and make some new friends!

If you have any questions or need a shoulder to cry on feel free to contact me.


Losing Instagram Followers

Losing Instagram Followers