The Human Element Of Marketing

Marketing is happening around us and to us each and every day. Whether that marketing breaks the barrier and turns us into a loyal customer who buys without a second thought comes down to the marketing message. 

Did it reach the right people?

Did it deliver the right message?

Did it stir up feelings and emotions?

These are all questions that should be answered well before you start marketing your product or service. Whether you are selling a course or have an amazing product to sell to people if you can’t answer these questions before you market, then you might already be in trouble. 

Many businesses find themselves at the end of a marketing campaign asking the same question. 

Why didn’t it work?

The simple answer is they forgot about the human connection that IS marketing. 

Before digital marketing became popular people marketed their businesses differently.

They put their business in the YellowPages (a giant book of phone numbers) and if someone needed them they would call. 

Or they would rely on foot traffic. You’ve all heard the saying “location, location, location!” If someone walked by their store and it sparked interest people generally went in. 

Lastly, there was the good ol’ word-of-mouth marketing. Which is still a viable form of marketing today. If your friends, friends brother went to the place it was all you needed to know, you would go there too. 

Eventually, marketing started shifting to be focused on providing an experience or feelings. Look at any car ad or ice-cold soda ad and you’ll see what I am talking about. 

This was marketing on emotion. 

Digital marketing is often unknown territory to many business owners.

They use social media to look at cat memes and talk to their second-best friend from high school. But when it comes to marketing their business, it can get confusing. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t time in this blog to explain all the nuances of digital marketing.

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What I want to tell you though is one very, very important thing. 

There are always humans at the end of every marketing campaign you run. 

If you keep that in mind when creating your strategy, crafting your offers, and marketing your business you will be a lot more successful in marketing. 

Sure you’ll need to understand the visual pieces of digital marketing and the platforms. But if you can figure out your audience and what they like, you will have a solid footing on which to build your marketing.