Facebook Live Audio Rooms & Podcasts!


Ever since Clubhouse crept on the scene last year, many people were waiting for other social media platforms to make a move. Most people had eyes on platforms like Facebook, waiting and wondering. 

Well, we finally have our answers! Facebook answered our questions with an announcement earlier this year that they would be rolling out live audio rooms for 2021 and adding podcasts to business pages! 

This is exciting stuff and as of June 22, 2021, they have started rolling these features out to select accounts.

Live Audio Rooms vs. Clubhouse

The live audio rooms will feel very much like Clubhouse but also have many differences. One of those differences being no cap on how many people can be listening in a room. According to The Verge, some additional features will be the ability to see when friends and followers join a room and live captions. 

It will be interesting to see how Facebook’s live audio rooms will compare to Clubhouse.

Some of the biggest complaints with Clubhouse are that the rooms can be chaotic or that people aren’t able to get into certain rooms due to capacity issues. 

Facebook listened and made some upgrades but will they push everyone into live audio rooms or has the Clubhouse type frenzy worn off?


Calling All Podcasters! 

The other bit of exciting news is the Podcasts! People will be able to listen, discuss and share their favorite podcasts with their friends and followers. 

Podcasters will have the ability to have a tab dedicated to podcasts on their Facebook Business page. This will allow followers to listen to the podcast in-app. Thus, encouraging sharing favorite episodes and clips with friends. 

We know that with platforms like Instagram which is owned by Facebook, they tend to favor their new features being used. So this could mean that those who use live audio rooms and the new podcast feature could be in for some enhanced reach.

Advice For These Features.

It is time to start thinking of how you will incorporate these new features into your social media plan. 

If you are a podcaster or someone who manages podcasts this is a great way to feature podcasts on Facebook without having to create links and posts. 

What are your thoughts on these new features? Let me know in the comments. 

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