Epic Facebook and Instagram Outage!

If you are like me today you woke up, grabbed your phone and logged into your Instagram and Facebook to check the news feeds for the day.

You start scrolling and nothing is updating, you can’t post, and you can’t comment!

OH NO!!!

What is going on!? Has the world ended!

Log out…try to log back in nothing!

Panic sets in! WHAT NOW?!?!?

Facebook and Instagram Experience Global Outages!

Oh No Facebook and Instagram outage!


This was what many of you felt when Facebook and Instagram experienced their global outages recently.

I bet you didn’t realize how much of your life and business are tied to our social media. It can be scary to think about it but what would you to if Facebook and Instagram failed to exist?

Is your business prepared?

My business is in digital marketing and social media, so I understand the panic.

If your business is 100% dependent on Facebook or Instagram, you need to broaden your marketing efforts.

These Facebook and Instagram are great and realistically probably won’t be going anywhere, but they will make changes and these changes could affect your business.Do You Have An Email List?

Email Lists!

I highly, suggest building an email list. If you don’t have one get one NOW!

Create an opt-in this is a great way to collect client and customer emails addresses. You can send out helpful tips or great newsletters delivered right to their email.

Even if you are a brick and mortar store it can be beneficial for you to try to grow your email lists.

Obviously, you can do this by having them visit your website. But you probably have people who come in your store that have never even seen your website.

Why not offer them an incentive to join your list, maybe they sign up for a rewards card or maybe they get a special discount day. The ideas and possibilities for this are endless.

Build a Community on Your Website!

Another option if you would like to grow a community centered around your business, consider putting a membership site on your website. This can cost a little bit of money, but you then have members that can come to your community independent of Facebook.

This can be a free community or if you are providing content and value maybe turn it into a paid membership site. Either way you can connect outside of Facebook.

Consider, in person networking to meet new clients and customers. Check with your local chamber of commerce to find out how to join if your town has one.

The point of this isn’t to scare you into closing down all aspects of your social media marketing and run for the hills. I want you to be have options!

When Facebook and Instagram have glitches as we all know they do, I want you to feel confident that your business is okay because you took the time to set up alternative ways to communicate with your clients and customers.

The bottom-line is DON’T panic, use this as a lesson. Take some time and evaluate your processes.

If you need help putting together an email opt-in, we can help you! We are always here to help guide you through the marketing processes.