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You’re here because you need help with your marketing. To be honest, you probably meant to reach out sooner but trying to figure out what you needed was overwhelming and so you put it off until you couldn’t anymore. 

Everyone does this and you are not alone. Figuring out what you need to take your business to the next level can be very confusing. 

So let’s start here are you looking for someone to put together a strategy for a specific event for example; launching a product or coaching program? 

Or maybe you need someone who will come in and work as your right-hand person and market your business for you. Overseeing teams, implementing strategies, managing marketing campaigns and budgets, generally making your life as a business owner simpler.  You are looking for a Director of Digital Marketing(DDM).

What Is A Director Of Digital Marketing?

A Director of Digital Marketing is a person who comes in to manage and oversee your marketing team. If you don’t have a marketing team the DDM can build one for you or sometimes they have their own team. 

They develop and implement digital marketing strategies, policies, and practices to help drive traffic to your business website, offers, and more. 

The DDM will also oversee all digital marketing assets including but not limited to email marketing, social media, ads, SEO, podcasts, and video content. They usually have a broad range of experience in each of these areas as well as a strong understanding of how the market and audiences work.

How Can A Director of Digital Marketing Help?

Now that you have that piece of information let’s talk about how a DDM could help you. 

You’ve been in business for a while. You’re doing good but you want to be doing GREAT! You’re tired of having to oversee the marketing in your business. 

In fact, you find it downright exhausting to constantly be thinking of ways to market your business. 

  • Should I get on this social media platform?
  • Do I need to be running ads?
  • Why isn’t my social media working?
  • Are people even going to my website?

These are all things that can be taken off your plate by investing in a Director of Digital Marketing.

The Best Part…

Imagine if you will that you have made the investment and hired a DDM. You are in your monthly business meeting and you’re getting the brief about the marketing. It tells you what’s working, what isn’t, and the best part….

…….Are you READY??

The BEST part….you don’t have to worry about any of that! The Director of Digital marketing has it handled!

Allowing you extra time in your day to focus on the things you love…the things you started this business for! 

Doesn’t this sound amazing!?

Why wait even a day longer, get started today so you can stop wearing all the hats in your business.

Still Not Sure?

That is okay this is a big investment! 

Let’s talk about how this works. If you choose to work with Stephanie Mead Creative in the Director of Digital Marketing capacity you will be getting long-term help. 

This is not a short-term retainer. If you are looking for short-term guidance I invite you to check out my consulting packages.

Why is this a long-term retainer?

To truly be of assistance to you we both have to invest in a commitment.

A commitment from me to learn all that I can about your business, in order to make marketing decisions that both benefit your business and align with your business beliefs.

A commitment from you to allow me the time to do these things.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is marketing. The best marketing comes from long-term strategic plans and actions.  

That is why my DDM packages are created for a minimum of 6 months. Most of my clients have been working with me for several years.

Before we talk investment here are some of the things my clients are saying!

My marketing was all over the place and disconnected. You came in with ideas, strategies, and plans that helped turn everything around. I am so happy!

Jill M

Spiritual Coach

I was doing all the marketing in my business and it was really stressful. Having someone come in and take on that role for me not only saved me the time but also saved my sanity.

Erika A

Women's Wellness Coach

You’re amazing! You came into my business and really listened to what I wanted and learned about my business. You then put together a marketing team that really understood and valued not only my business but the work we were doing as a team.

Dr. Beth C

Mental Health Professional

Here’s how investing in a Director of Digital Marketing works…


First things first, we must have a discovery call. This helps us determine if we are going to be a good fit working with each other. Basically, do we vibe or not. 

If we vibe the next step will be taking care of the paperwork. Contracts, payments, and the onboarding process. 

After that is complete the fun starts! 

You officially have a Director of Digital Marketing! 

Your Investment In Your Business.

Why Choose Me?

Stephanie Mead

Stephanie Mead

Digital Marketing Expert

Maybe you’re apprehensive because you’ve seen people in the digital world call themselves “Director of Digital Marketing” but they don’t have the skills, knowledge, or education to back up the claim or the price tag! 

Here are the things that I think qualify me to be your Director of Digital Marketing, so you can make the best possible decision for your business. 

First, I have over 15 years in the online space creating connections and building community with people. I absolutely understand people in the digital world. 

I have spent that time learning everything I possibly could about digital marketing. I’m talking about email marketing, social media, ads, YouTube, Pinterest, Tiktok, Podcast, data collection, and analysis. I have done it all

Which helps me bring a lot of value and knowledge to the table as a DDM. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. Starting businesses in a variety of different areas so I have a working knowledge of how to attract a variety of audiences to a variety of businesses. 

This has also given me a space in my heart for other entrepreneurs. It is my ultimate goal to have each and every business I work in succeed. If you win, I win! It’s that simple. 

Lastly, I have a Master’s degree in Digital Audience Strategy from Arizona State. Plus a Business and Community Health Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Oregon University. Now, I know people can accomplish big things without degrees. But I am pretty proud of these expensive pieces of paper and know that they provided me with in-depth knowledge of my area of expertise. 

All these things together give help me be the best possible Director of Digital Marketing I can be for you.

Don’t waste another day struggling and being stressed out by your marketing. 

The answer you’ve been looking for is right here! 

Click below to get started today!