Digital Marketing in 2022

As a business owner, you might be wondering where you should focus your marketing efforts in 2022. 

There are so many ways that businesses can reach their perfect customers and clients in 2022 that it can be a bit overwhelming. 

Should you be sending out emails? Be posting 47 times a day on social media? Blogs? YouTube? 

What should you do??!!

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Figuring out who to reach and how takes strategy and planning. But I can give you some advice that will get you headed in the right direction. 

First, you need to really understand the people you want to reach. Really understand your customer/clients. What do they like? Where are they consuming content online? 

Due to the last few years, people have spent more time online than ever. It has literally changed the way we interact online. Video consumption is becoming one of the biggest forms of content we have seen in many years. Be prepared to venture into creating videos if you haven’t already. 

How can you start incorporating video into your marketing? 

You could start creating vlogs for your website. Do some research to determine what topics are popular in your industry and do some videos based on that. 

Share some behind-the-scenes videos, or even do some FAQs or answer customer questions. 

Take these videos and turn them into the content you can share on social, YouTube, Pinterest, and other places that video is being consumed. 

Do you need to dance and be silly in your videos? No.

Can You? Yes! 

The videos need to feel authentic to your business and customer base, so be mindful of the messages that you are sending out when creating these videos and make sure it aligns with your business voice.

To avoid burnout, make sure to record at a pace that you can maintain. Sometimes we get so excited that we dive in full force and then three weeks in we are done with it. Try doing three videos a month and grow from there. 

Best of luck Marketing in 2022!

If you need help creating a strategy or implementing and managing your marketing Stephanie Mead Creative will help!