Simple Ways To Market Your Business

Marketing doesn’t need to overwhelm you. As a small business owner here are some things you can do today to start marketing your business.

How A Social Media Manager Can Help Your Business

Social media is a very important part of marketing for all small businesses. If you are feeling overwhelmed with keeping up to date on all the algorithm changes and worrying about what content to post. Then you should consider hiring a social media manager.  This...

Five Alternatives to Facebook Ads

Five Places to Run Ads Online! So many things are up in the air these days! You do not want your online ads to be one of them. That is why I advise my clients to consider using multiple platforms to advertise their business. I want to encourage you to do the same. You...

New Facebook Feature! Client Scheduling!

New Facebook Feature! There is something strange in the neighborhood! No...there isn't a new ghostly add-on for Facebook. But this new feature is pretty cool. Let's talk about that lovely little call to action button located on your Facebook Business page. Previously,...

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May Content Planning

Facebook & Instagram May Content Planning Today we are going to talk May content planning! If you are reading this you likely have not planned out your content for May. But you know what that is okay. I am here to help! Let's dive right in! When it comes to...

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Epic Facebook & Instagram Outage!

Epic Facebook and Instagram Outage! If you are like me today you woke up, grabbed your phone and logged into your Instagram and Facebook to check the news feeds for the day. You start scrolling and nothing is updating, you can’t post, and you...

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Losing Instagram Followers

Did you wake up and see a sudden drop in your Instagram followers? Maybe you watched as your account was losing Instagram followers fast. What I saw among groups and people who use Instagram regularly was chaos and confusion!
This isn’t the typical gain a few followers and lose a few followers that we normally see with Instagram. Some accounts were reporting they lost at least 1500 followers! Yikes!

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Say No to Fake Followers

Say No to Fake Followers   Let's say you just peeped your competitors Instagram and saw that somehow, they have gained 5,000 new followers over night! Next thing you know curiosity has the best of you, and you start Googling Fake Followers on Instagram. The first...

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