Hashtags – What Do They Do?

Hashtags seem to be the source of a LOT of confusion for people. Specifically on Instagram! But lets go back a minute to a time before Instagram. History of HashtagsHashtags started in their present form on Twitter in 2007. You might be saying, thanks for the history...

Creating Social Media Content.

When it comes to ideas for social media content creation, many people find themselves stuck. They wonder how to create social media content or even what type of social media content they should be using.

Five Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media

Having a social media presence is important for your business. I can almost hear the grumbles and objections coming from you, but seriously....you need social media in your business. Let me drop some facts for you. The global population is currently at about 7.6...

Losing Instagram Followers

Did you wake up and see a sudden drop in your Instagram followers? Maybe you watched as your account was losing Instagram followers fast. What I saw among groups and people who use Instagram regularly was chaos and confusion!
This isn’t the typical gain a few followers and lose a few followers that we normally see with Instagram. Some accounts were reporting they lost at least 1500 followers! Yikes!

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Say No to Fake Followers

Say No to Fake Followers   Let's say you just peeped your competitors Instagram and saw that somehow, they have gained 5,000 new followers over night! Next thing you know curiosity has the best of you, and you start Googling Fake Followers on Instagram. The first...

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